Vin Atlas

Vin Atlas

Vin Atlas

Location: San Francisco


Serge & Olya are just a couple of rogue dreamers with a global vision. Decades of passion have ultimately culminated in an ambition to make greater wines than past technology enabled. Every year the weather is drastically different and sometimes the Cabernet is too green and the Merlot too soft. Hundreds of years ago, an ingenious winemaker thought to blend different varietals together to create a more balanced wine. In addition to those two varietals, he also added Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot and Malbec. This is synergy. The creation of a whole by putting together differing pieces to create a final product that is greater than the summation of its parts. What we are doing is essentially the same, only that we are opening up the brand to cover the whole earth as one region. Had the visionary winemaker who first created the Bordeaux brand had today’s modern technology and easy access shipping routes, we are sure he too would have done what we are now able to do.


VinAltlas Global Fusion Bordeaux Blend (12/750)

Ships Tuesday through Friday via Custom Wine Services

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