Travieso Winery

Travieso Winery

Travieso Winery

Region: Campbell
Location: Stanford


Travieso is an urban winery established in 2003 by Mats Hagström and Ray Sliter. Producing limited quantities of wine from select vineyards, all our fruit is contracted by the acre and we give a high priority to vineyard management. We believe in aggressive crop thinning, harvesting uniformly ripe fruit, and using minimal intervention in our wine making. We use all French Oak for between 24 and 36 months of barrel aging and bottle without fining or filtration. Our philosophy is to keep tight control over the grapes in the vineyard by purchasing only by the acre. Maintaining a close working relationship with the grower is key. We harvest physiologically ripe fruit, early or late, depending on conditions. We use minimal sulfite addition during crush and allow many of our fermentations to take with wild yeast. Ferment times range from 7 to 18 days and we usually let the must rest for additional skin contact before pressing. We press into 20 to 50 percent new French Oak barrels. Our standard aging regimen is 24 months but some of our wine has been held back an additional year for a 36 month barrel aging program.


La Llorona White Wine Sonoma County 2012 (12/750)
El Chupacabras GSM Blend Santa Barbara 2009 (12/750)
El Tonto del Pueblo Grenache Santa Ynez 2012 (12/750)
The Other Program Sangiovese Dry Creek 2010 (12/750)
Amaranta Syrah Kirks' Santa Lucia Highlands 2010 (12/750)
El Rey Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek 2009 (12/750)

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