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Region: Northern California
Location: Edna Valley


In San Luis Obispo County, we are never far from the influence of the sea. Sunny afternoons yield daily to brisk marine breezes, and the growing season is directly shaped by the seasonal flow of the currents and surface temperature of the nearby Pacific Ocean. Even our soils of calcareous shale and coarse sand were uplifted from the ancient ocean floor and weathered into place over the millennia. Fossil Point pays tribute to this bond between sea and wine. Located less than five miles due west of our estate vineyard, Fossil Point is a rugged headland with sweeping views of the coastline from Port San Luis to the Guadalupe Dunes. Standing on Fossil Point, you can enjoy the same ocean breezes that are on their way to our vineyards, where they will guide our fruit to perfect ripeness.

No Minimum for delivery. Ships Tuesday through Friday via Custom Wine Services. BY-THE-GLASS PRICING AVAILABLE ON 3 CASE MINIMUMN


Fossil Point Chardonnay 2011 – (12/750)
Fossil Point Pinot Noir 2012 – (12/750)