Barney & Kel


Region: Sonoma
Location: Sonoma


Barney & Kel met as neighbors 18 years ago. Barney owned a vineyard in western Sonoma County and Kel was a photographer specializing in shooting vineyard scenes for wineries. Barney planted and developed Seascape Vineyard in Occidental which produced Chardonnay grapes used in elegant, award winning wines produced by Hartford Court. They combined home winemaker resources and practiced their craft together in backyards for five years before starting KB Cellars. They used valuable vineyard and winery connections to secure great fruit from Sonoma County’s best vineyards. They specialize in Russian River Pinot Noir and Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. In our wines, we celebrate all that Sonoma County has to offer! Our concept is simple. We use grapes from expertly maintained vineyards that take center stage, shining in their own glory. Our winemaking style is minimalistic, meaning we minimize intervening with natural processes. We hand press, gravity pump, and bottle with friends and family. Our wines respond with full, expressive flavors unique to the areas in which the grapes are grown. We source our fruit from some fabulous farming families such as the Kozlowski’s and the Mauritson’s. The Kozlowski family farms a variety of berries, apples and grapes on prime locations in the Russian River Valley appellation\The Mauritson’s first starting farming grapes in the Rockpile viticulture appellation above Dry Creek Valley in 1864. They are a terrific team of innovative, fun, friendly and incredibly talented farmers and winemakers. We source our Zinfandel from them and we enjoy every minute of time we spend together discussing farming, harvest and sports. up!"

*3 cases qualify for BTG pricing/Can mix & match*


Barney & Kel Russian River Rose, Merlot 2010 (12/750)
Barney & Kel Russian River Pinot Noir 2010 (12/750)
Barney & Kel Dry Valley Zinfandel 2010 (12/750)

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